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A Bloody Mary Is Only As Good As The Ingredients You Use ~

Welcome, an Instant Bloody Mary Stick Pack that's simple, creates less waste, and tastes just like the real thing - because it is! My mix has grated horseradish, subtle hints of celery salt, full body from the Worcestershire, and middle of the road heat - not everybody likes them deathly spicy! They just taste classic. Like a well prepared Bloody should taste. 

Creating the ultimate Bloody Mary takes skill and time. Not only that, the ingredients to begin making one are costly. I hope to market this product to consumers, retailers, and other Hospitality outlets such as Hotels, Golf Courses, and Wedding planners. Everything you need to make a Devil Daves Bloody Mary cocktail is in the photo above!


We plan to be available for sale in May - Focusing first on our backers and pre order sales, then the public and into wholesale and retail.

This campaign will help us move forward and grow the business.

We would like to achieve three goals with the funds. 

1. Manufacture, pack and ship our Bloody Mary Sticks to our Backers and Pre-Order customers.
2. Focus on building our Brand through positive reviews, pricing and customer service. We plan to use several marketing Start-ups in our business model. 
3. Design and implement a wholesale program into our new Website. The portal will have the necessary infrastructure to make us fully automated and go global by 2019.


So, what's in a Devil Daves?  I hear it has no Gluten and has Vegan Worcestershire? 

We have real grated horseradish, celery salt, Vegan Worcestershire, cracked black pepper, some garlic, citrus notes and just a bit of heat - some people will have to add a touch of hot sauce if they like it super hot. Live by the rule, you can always add but never take out!  

Most name brand premixes have preservatives. Oh yeah and an awful shelf life. Maybe 5 days tops. If it's only you drinking it, you better finish all 5 glasses in one day. 

I loved seeing my friends face when I had 6 Bloodys made in under a couple minutes. Now, watch how quickly and effortlessly you can put one together. (video has no dialogue)

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With Devil Daves you get a whole tablespoon of mix in each packet! That's enough for a 16 ounce glass. If you desire a smaller cocktail, use half a packet. Its like getting double the Bloody's in each box!

My vision for an all-in-one Bloody Mary seasoning started with an idea to fix a broken Bloody Mary. 

When I was finished with the recipe, it was a Bloody Mary! It made me think... With all the great spices out there today, why doesn't something exist in a Stick Pack that delivers dry spices to vegetable juice the way that the wet ingredients do? 

It's time you start saving money by drinking a Bloody that doesn't disappoint. I always feel a little guilty when I spend too much at the store just to get my drink on, so I know you do too. Even if you have a favorite pre-mix, doesn't it always seem to need something? These fun stick packs can help you out in that department too.

I discovered that there were no spice mixes using a grated horseradish; nothing that screamed classic recipe. I couldent believe it. Being a former Chef, and also a bartender, I knew I could create something delicious that worked the right way. After waiting to hear back from the spice wholesaler, I got the answer we were looking for. Devil Daves would be the first Bloody Mary seasoning with REAL HORSERADISH FLAKES!  Also it would be completely vegan, which as you know, cannot be achieved using bottled Worcestershire... 

But what style of packaging would deliver my Bloody Mary recipe to all the places it can be used, and still be durable enough to withstand moisture and temperature changes. I thought, what would Crystal Light do? Exactly - Single serve instant Bloody Mary stick packs. 

So, after a couple months of R&D and Prototype development - samples were mailed. I was almost demolished by a car that crashed through the wall at the post office! The samples still went out.

Gosh, I barely survived! Just kidding. But thank goodness for that, or the hundreds who sampled this new Bloody Mary spice mix wouldn't have left such stellar reviews on our Facebook Page!

We even had a couple Bloody Mary Blog give us props!
The Drunken Tomato - Some great comments from people who've tried a Devil Daves, on this blog!
Bloody Mary Obsessed - She used Pineapple Vodka and has a killer recipe with our Bloody Mary Sticks.
~ Food & Wine - They seem to think we have it going on. Thanks so much for the shout out guys! You are my favorite magazine!
~ Saratoga Food Fanatic - Ashley is one of the top foodies in the area and knows a great product when she sees one!
We even made killer grilled Bloody Mary Chicken wings! Grab our bulk tin called, Speed Mix, if you want to use it to season steaks, fries, or tomatoes - it's delicious.


I want my company to be sustainable. 

That's why I invented this product. It saves not only time and money, but cuts down on waste because you don't have to buy and possibly throw out so many ingredients. I have decided to partner with a contract packaging company that practices L.E.E.D certification systems, and I hope to learn from them. We will have some stretch goals for our packaging in mind. But as you know, what's better for the environment always costs more. However, we feel confident that you will be pleased because its all about the flavor. And Devil Daves delivers that as promised.




The Devil Daves brand is part of our whole marketing plan. Please try to grab some add on's and help spread the word. Our merchandise is just as important as the Bloody Mary Sticks. If you would like an Add On - simply add the dollar amount to your pledge when you click "Back This Project" - I will send you a survey in February asking you which Add On item you choose. Instructions about adding items to your pledge are below this infographic and on the Devil Daves Kickstarter page on our website. 


Launching this campaign and all the events leading up to it, has been, without a doubt the most challenging thing I have ever done. I hope you find everything my team and I have created for this Kickstarter campaign to be thoughtful, thorough and timely.

So, going forward, I hope to obtain our Certified Vegan, and Gluten Free Project badges by the middle of 2018. However we have secured our Devil Daves Trademark, Nutritional Facts, FDA compliance, Recipe Trade Secret, Bill of Materials (BOM) and our LLC. This has all happened over the past year with the completion of our first recipe and prototype. Devil Daves was conceived in April 2017 and I decided from there to take it to the next level realizing, there didn't exist a product like this at all on the market - well, not in a stick pack anyway.

The stick packs are the true gem behind this whole thing. They are a somewhat new concept in packaging science. We can directly correlate savings to you because of the cost of materials and the amount we use. Knowing that the stick pack has never been used for something like this, we hope to be the forerunner in Instant Single Serve Bloody Mary spice mixes.

Special thanks to Donte and his family, Andrea Donahue, Phil Frye for providing office space and lab. The crew at the Pavilion Grand Hotel - Saratoga Springs, you guys rock!

Video Editing: Love n' Pixels
Location: Pavilion Grand Hotel Saratoga
Website & Kickstarter design: Ryan

Please Drink Responsibly. 


Available Rewards:

$15USD + Shipping

1 Box & Magnet

10 Bloody Mary Sticks - Just looking to try them out? This is perfect for you!


$25USD + Shipping

2 Boxes & Fridge Magnet

20 Bloody Mary Sticks - $25 for 2 Boxes, $12.50 per box (Save $2.50 PER BOX)

Also get our cool little magnet to remind you that you just made the best purchase in a long time!


$35USD + Shipping

2 Boxes & Tin of Speed Mix

20 Bloody Mary Sticks & 25 Servings of Bulk Mix - $20 for 2 Boxes, $10.00 per box (Save $5.00 PER BOX) & Save $5 on the Bulk Tin! That's 45 Bloody Marys - make up some Pitchers at Brunch Parties.

Back by popular demand ~ This tier is a winner!


$55USD + Shipping

4 Boxes plus 1 Bonus Box

50 Bloody Mary Sticks - $55 for 5, $11.00 per box (Save $4 PER BOX)

This is great if you and friends are going in on our Kickstarter.


$115USD + Shipping

Wholesale Deal

100 Bloody Mary Sticks - $115 for 10 Boxes & Bulk Tin (MSRP: $19.99 - 25 servings), $10 per box (Save $5 PER BOX)

Have some to give to friends and also make pitchers of Bloody's at parties! Don't worry, they have a 2 year expiration date!


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